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Hi! I'm Christy! And my hubby is Russ. 

We go all the way back to the 5th grade! We have had our ups and downs, but have learned that with God's grace we can accomplish anything together. We got married on the most beautiful day in October of 2010. After living in the same little town our whole lives we decided to head about an hour and a half away to Knoxville, TN. (Go Vols!)  I graduated in May 2010 with my associate degree as a RN from a local community college and then began working on a telemetry floor at the local hospital. Russ graduated in May 2011 from Lee University with 3 majors (Smarty Pants!) and worked for a small law firm until moving to Knoxville.

In 2012, Russ decided to go to law school (which is what led us to Knoxville) and we felt compelled to pay for cash. I knew God would make a way and had total faith even when all the grad assistant jobs in the law school got taken. Russ began putting in applications to every department on campus.  We continued to pray and then Russ got a call from the chancellor's office that there was an opening if he was still interested. Russ interviewed and got the job working in the chancellor's office, which eventually turned into a grad assistant job that paid for most of his law school. What a blessing! Then I got my dream job of working with sweet little babies in the NICU, because of the one person I knew in Knoxville actually working there. Blessing number 2! We found a house that we loved and were able to get for an amazingly good deal that fit all of our needs. Blessing number 3! Russ started law school and finished his first semester, but then God had even greater plans. Russ miraculously got hired as the assistant to the chancellor! Blessing number 4! This opened so many doors and opportunities for us! Russ took a year off of law school, and started back January 2014. I was able to start my bachelors program at UT with a discount, so we have been able to continue to pay cash for school as we felt led to do. Blessing number 5! Now, God is opening our eyes to even greater opportunities. I never would have dreamed we could have accomplished so much in so little time and at such a young age. I am amazed that if you just obey the Lord, then His plans will far exceed our own.

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