Saturday, December 12, 2015

Pierce at 12 Months

Well we are here!  It is Pierce's big 1 year post.  How did it come so fast?  I seriously cannot make it real that a whole year has passed!  I feel like he just got here in some ways and in another I can't remember what life was like without him.  I wish I could put into words how much better life is with my sweet baby boy in it.  He makes everything better, brighter, fuller, messier, crazier, funner, and sweeter.  I feel so incredibly blessed to be his mom and have enjoyed motherhood so much.  I think with his first birthday came a deep sigh of relief.  I think I was holding my breath for so long thinking that something would happen and I wouldn't get to keep Pierce.  I'm sure it has to do with me being a NICU nurse and seeing mothers lose their sweet babies far too soon.  It has taught me how fragile life is.  I have tried my best to live everyday to the fullest and savor every moment.  However, I think now I can enjoy Pierce even more.  I look forward to the years ahead now.  He is just the best ever and I give God all the praises.

I was happy to have Pierce's 12 month appointment.  I wasn't sure he had ever really gotten over his ear infections and had noticed him pulling/ poking at his ears quite a bit.  I also was eager to see at a year how he ranked on the growth chart compared to other 1 year olds.  He seems so big to me (but also very healthy).  I also needed to speak with his pediatrician about how to go about the next stage of weaning, pacifiers, bottles, and all that fun stuff that comes with growing up.  Boo hoo!  After looking him over, everything checked out fine, but his ears.  Poor baby.  She said they are much better than what they were at his previous appointment, but still have fluid behind him.  She prescribed him an antibiotic that he would need to take for five days.  We also decided to get him a flu shot and his other yearly shots.  He will need to be seen again in a month to get his second flu shot and follow-up on his ears.  However, we may be seeing her sooner than that.  Today, Pierce has a fever and he vomited yesterday.  I hope its just a quick stomach bug.  Poor guy just can't catch a break.  As far as his growth, he is doing great!  He is high up on the chart for weight and height and  totally off the chart for his head circumference.  Definitely has his daddy's head!  haha

Pierce's 12 month measurements:
Head: 49.5 in >98%
Weight: 24 lbs 3oz 85%
Height:  30 1/4 in 70%

He found a Mickey Mouse book, of course!


Pierce is doing great with his development!  He runs everywhere already, has learned to crawl up the stairs to the very top (thanks to his daddy), he can throw and kick a ball, and turn pages in a book.  He loves, loves to read books!  He can say all kinds of words now and really knows how to let us know what he wants and doesn't want.  We are working on naming body parts.  He loves to point to different things and say, "Oh!"  He is becoming much more independent and really does not want help with walking at all.  He has gotten attached to his pacifiers and will find them lying around the house and put it in his mouth, no problem.  He holds his own bottles and pacifiers, and just learned how to feed himself "bite, bites."  

Words: Mama, Dada, Daddy, Mum, Hot, Kitty Cat, Dog, Baby, Bubbles, Hop, Eye/ I, Hi, Oh


Pierce's eating has been great!  So far he hasn't been very picky and has a huge appetite!  We are transitioning from puree to all solids.  He can now eat anything he wants, but we still haven't introduced peanut butter.  After his doctor's appointment, I decided I really wanted him to learn how to feed himself.  He would never put the food in his mouth, but would instead throw it in the floor.  I was able to get him to feed himself after two feedings.  It did make him a little nervous and he wanted his blankey, which I thought was sweet.  I gave him his blankey in his high chair and he finally did it.  That is all it took and he has been able to feed himself ever since.  He is still breastfed.  I've been trying to get him on less feeds, but it has been more difficult than I thought it would.  Breastmilk is healthy and good for him, so I'm pretty laid-back about it right now.  We have introduced cow's milk and he is doing well with that.  He does not like it cold and won't drink it out of a sippy cup.  I tried switching him from his bottle to sippy and he cried for his bottle.  I didn't realize he was attached to it, since he usually only gets a bottle once a day.  So, I'm not taking away his bottle yet.  I did try putting a faster flow nipple on it.  He isn't happy about it, but will take it, so that may be how I transition to milk in a sippy.  I'm hoping the more cow's milk he takes then the less he will nurse.  He is finally getting teeth.  He has two top teeth and if it weren't for them then I wouldn't mind nursing him at all. ;)  I really believe in letting Pierce go at his own pace when it comes to growing up and doing new things.  I don't mind to nudge him in the right direction, but I'm definitely not super strict about taking away bottles, breastfeeding, paci, etc just because he turned 1.  I'm so impressed with how well he has done with eating and drinking so far.  He loves water.  Just giving him a sippy cup of water makes him laugh.  He loves to gargle and spit it, which is messy and not great when eating out, but goodness his gargly laugh is hilarious!  


I have felt so much better lately and it is because Pierce has started sleeping-in.  Wow!  I forgot what it is like to sleep in past 7.  His new schedule is sleeping from around 8 at night to around 8:30 the next day.  When he wakes up, he just sits up in his crib and waits on mommy to come get him.  With him waking up later, it has made our nap time go later.  I'm trying to see if we can transition to one nap or if we still need two.  We took away his rock-n-play and he has done pretty good about sleeping in his crib for naps in the day.  I rarely have him sleep in our bed anymore, because he has gotten so strong and I can't get him to lie down for sleep in our bed.  He wants to jump right off the side.  He is a wild man.  Typically, I rock him to sleep in his room and put him in his crib.  The sound machine is always on and we use black-out curtains.  He has been having some issues at waking up at the 45 minute mark, but if I just leave him in his crib then he will usually go back to sleep.  I'm so thankful he is a good sleeper!

Favorites and Dislikes

Favs - blue crochet blanket, NUK pacis, water (drinking from his sippy and spitting it all over himself and taking a bath), reading books, nursery rhymes on the phone, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, his big toy car, running, climbing the stairs, going out to eat, knocking things down, exploring (getting in drawers/ pantry/ dishwasher/ refrigerator).
Dislikes - getting his nose/ face wiped, diaper changed, clothes on (though he is getting better), holding hands when walking, not being let down to walk when we go out, riding in his carseat sometimes, going to strangers (but getting better).

Mommy's 12 Month Letter to Pierce:

Pierce, my sweet boy, you are one year old now!  What an adventure this first year has been!  A wonderful, scary, tiring, loving (so much I thought my heart may burst), stressful, joyful, exciting, overwhelming, emotional, incredible, amazing, fantastic, blessed year!  This year has been so much better than I could have ever imagined.  My heart grew more than I ever knew possible and continues to grow everyday.  I love hearing you say "mama,"  love for you to reach for me, and give me those slobbery, wet sugars.  I had no idea how fast you would grow.  I've tried to cling onto every special moment with you.  I've taken hundreds (or thousands) of pictures of you, made many videos, and tried to keep up with all of your firsts.  I had no idea how fast you would turn into a big boy.  As much as I miss you being a tiny baby, every milestone and next stage just gets better and better.  I look forward to watching you grow and learn new things.  You seem to study everything and everyone.  You can be super serious, but friendly too.  You love to wave to other people, but as soon as they come close then you get bashful and tuck your head behind whatever you can find.  There is nothing you like better than to be on the move.  You love to walk and run around.  You keep me and your daddy on our toes that is for sure.  But we love it!  I've heard your daddy say many times how much he loves being your da da.  You love each other so much.  That has been one of the best parts of this year is just watching your relationship with him grow.  You two are best buds.  We are so proud of you just by being you.  You can be anything you want to be.  We pray you will grow to love the Lord with all your heart and do great things for Him.  We will be here for you no matter what.  I've never been more happy in all my life.  You will always be our greatest accomplishment.  I'm so excited to guide you and help you along the way.  No matter how big you may get or how fast you grow up, you will always be my baby boy and my greatest joy.  I hope you know how loved you are.  You have brought so much happiness to not just your daddy and me, but to everyone you are around.  God knew how much we needed you.  I'm so thankful, so blessed, and am still pinching myself that I get to be your mommy for forever.  I love our little family and we just love our little son so much. Happy first birthday, little one!  This was the best year ever!