Wednesday, November 11, 2015

PIerce at 11 Months

Well, this is my last update before Pierce turns a year old.  They always told me that time flies after you have kids.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  Actually, I didn't know!  And there is no way to know until you have a little one of your own and a year feels like a few months.  The holidays run into one another and you feel like you are chasing your tail.  I tried soaking in every moment.  From the newborn scent, to his squishy rolls, saying mama, walking, the sleepless nights, nursing him every few hours since he was born, but no matter how much I savored and took pictures, it still just flew by.  Time is such a thief.  These past 11 months have changed me into a new person.  I had no idea how much that positive pregnancy test was going to turn my world upside down.  (For the better I might add).  There is just no way to write it in words.  You just have to go through it and then you everything makes sense.  I'm so happy being a mommy.  It is truly the hardest job ever.  Now that Pierce is clinging to my pants leg and wanting to be with mommy 24/7, I realize that there is no longer "me" time.  Even while writing this blog, I am multitasking.  Sheets are in the dryer, invitations are printing on the printer, and I am so sleepy!  I read these other blogs where moms are getting up at 4 a.m. to get everything done in the day.  I just don't know if I can do it.  It is eight o'clock and my bed is calling my name.  I am definitely trying to step up to the plate.  Russ has been a great help, but I know he is tired too.  I want him to feel loved and cared for just as much as Pierce.  (And sometimes that is hard).  I'm learning and the longer I'm a mom, the easier it is getting.  I am learning my own way, getting in a routine, being a parent, not caring about other's opinions but rather relying on my instincts, and most importantly letting go and letting God.  I need God so much now.  I'm so thankful for Him leading me through all this and helping me care for Pierce.  That helps my heart so much just to know that God has got this even if I don't.  

I have felt so bad for my sweet baby these past few weeks.  He has been so sick and I still don't know if we are out of the woods.  He had fever and cold symptoms.  We took him to the walk-in clinic and he had a left ear infection.  She put him on ten days of Amoxicillin.  After the ten days, I thought he was getting better.  But back came the fever and sickness again.  I took him to his pediatrician and she said both his ears looked infected, so she put him on Cefdinir.  Thankfully, I can text my pediatrician if I have any worries.  Pierce had seizure type movements the night before we took him in, which was really scary for me.  His fever was high and he was miserable.  We came very close to taking him to the ER.  The next few nights he continued to get a high fever even with alternating Tylenol and Advil every 4 hours.  I texted his pediatrician about his distended stomach and she felt like he needed to be seen again.  We ended up taking him back on Halloween morning.  The doctor said his ears looked bad plus Pierce had developed a rash.  We think he got a virus on top of the ear infection.  He had fever for five days straight.  They gave him a Rocephin shot and we stopped the oral antibiotics, which I was thankful for since they were hurting his stomach so bad.  He still wasn't back to himself and we followed-up with the doctor a few days later.  She said his left ear is better, but the right one still had fluid.  He got another Rocephin shot and she hopes that will clear it for good.  My hunch is that he will need tubes put in at some point.  His ear canals are tiny and he is still pulling on them a lot.  We have to make his yearly check-up so we will see how things go then.  I dread it.  As a nurse I know he needs shots, but it is no fun seeing him go through such pain.  


Pierce hasn't hit too many new milestones this past month.  With his ear infections, he was falling down quite a bit and being super clingy.  He is finally walking and running around again.  He loves to open and shut things, turn things on and off, and just try to learn how everything works.  He can carry, throw, and kick balls.  He loves to clap and wave.  I can't get him to blow kisses, but he does give nice big wet kisses on the mouth.  He likes to act bashful and put his face down in my chest if someone talks to him.  He is getting interested in the stairs, which makes me pretty nervous.  I have been making sure to keep the baby gate closed when we play upstairs in the play room.  

Words - 
New words this month are I and Oh.  We also think we heard him say kitty cat. ;)


Eating took a step back with the sickness, but we are getting back on track now.  He is finally eating purees again, but still loves to eat bites bites of solids instead.  He eats a lot of what we are eating, but I make sure he is getting enough fruits and vegetables.  We have started eating a lot of yogurt to help with his digestive system.  He used to not care for it, but doesn't seem to mind it now.  I've noticed he isn't much of a fan of food that is cold (unless its ice cream).  He is still nursing about 4-5 times a day.  I'm going to try to get that down to three times a day after he turns one.  We will see how that goes... 


As you may suspect sleep hasn't been that great either.  Plus we had the time change, which didn't help things.  This past week, we have gotten Pierce to sleep through the night by doing a dream feed around nine and moving him to his crib from our bed.  I know he is too old for that, but I wanted to know he was getting enough to last him through the night, so if he woke up and cried then I would know it wasn't from hunger.  It has been great to get to sleep.  My bladder will never be the same since I had Pierce and I usually end up getting up multiple times to go to the bathroom.  However, I have gotten a couple nights where that didn't wake me up either.  Talk about feeling like a new person!  It was amazing!  I have not slept through the night since before I was pregnant!  Pierce has been waking up at 7 to nurse and taking his naps a little earlier since the time change.  I have been having trouble getting him to take his second nap.  Today was one of those days and it was awful!  I know he needs the sleep, but I guess he is getting to the age to fight naps.  No fun.  I can't complain though.  His first nap was 2 hours long and he slept all night.

 Favorites and Dislikes:

Favorites: Nursery rhymes on youtube (esp. wheels on the bus and baa baa black sheep), It's Pumpkin Day Mouse and Dog Wants to Play books, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, his blue blankey, pacifiers, going outside, falling into pillows and blankets, patty-cake, gargling water, playing in the cat food (which is not allowed), pretending to drive the car, walking and running, attempting to pet the cats.
Dislikes: getting dressed, getting his diaper changed, being told no, going to sleep

Mommy's 11 Month Letter to Pierce:

Pierce, mommy has finally come to the realization that you are growing up.  I'm finally putting you in big boy jeans and accepting the fact that you are about to be a toddler.  You look so big wearing jeans and shoes and walking around the house.  I've been putting up your baby toys and nine month clothes.  It hurts my heart, but also makes me excited for what lies ahead.  I hope we always have a great relationship.  I hope even when you are in middle school and I might not be the coolest person to hang around that you will still cuddle up beside me and let me know what you are thinking.  I want to always be there for you.  And no matter how big and independent you may get, you'll always be my baby boy.  My love grows for you everyday.  Your daddy and I love you more than you'll ever know.  You fill our life with so much joy and fun.  I'm sure you get tired of our squeezes and kisses because here lately you are always on the move.  You are full of energy and excitement.  I love to see you smile and experience life through your eyes.  After you do something as simple as opening the microwave door, your eyes get real big and you say, "OH!."  The littlest tasks are just the best thing ever to you.  And so we do them over and over again.  Because I know all of these little things add up to big things.  I just can't believe you are 11 months.  It has gone by too fast.  Just looking back at your pictures, I can tell how much you have changed.  Gone are all the baby rolls and instead you are looking more like a slender, little boy.  I bought you all these big sized clothes because you were growing so fast.  Now all those rolls are gone and you are still wearing the same size clothes that you wore in the summer.  I give up trying to predict what will come, because you are just full of surprises.  I  wouldn't have it any other way.  I love you sweet boy, so, so much.  I couldn't have asked for a better son.  God is so good.



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