Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pierce at 10 months

Pierce is 10 months now, although, sometimes I feel like I already have a 2 year old on my hands.  He is super independent and driven, however, in my opinion he is the sweetest baby in the whole wide world.  I could eat him up everyday.  Well except maybe when he throws himself in the floor haha.  What happened to my baby?  I don't get many cuddles lately.  He is on the move all the time and into everything.  He opens cabinet doors, tries to play in the toilet, heads straight for the light sockets, and loves to turn on the faucet in our bathtub.  Oh and I can't forget about the cat food that he is obsessed with!  He has yet to learn how to put food in his mouth, but give him cat food or leaves or bubbles and he has them in his mouth before you can catch him.  He is such a mess!  I'm still pinching myself trying to figure out how I got so lucky to have my little family.  Life is so fun and being a mom is both exhilarating and exhausting.  I'm blessed to get to spend most of my time investing into Pierce's little life.  I'm so thankful I don't have to be gone from him and can get all the slobbery kisses I want.


Pierce has come such a long way this month!  He can now walk with ease and even do a little run, pull up, stand up if he falls, and crawl.  This has made things so much easier on me.  It was scary when he was toddling around all over the house.  I'm so thankful he is so steady on his feet.  It is so cute to see him go!  He can even run a little. It has also been so nice that he finally figured out how to get up when he falls down and how to crawl.  And as much as it wore me out to pick him up over and over again, now I kind of miss being needed.  He is growing up so fast!  What I'm learning as these months quickly pass is that each hard stage is only for a short season.  I remember being exhausted when Pierce was learning how to walk.  He wouldn't go in his bouncer and wanted me to hold his hands and let him walk everywhere.  At the time, I thought that stage may last for months, but instead, he quickly mastered the skill and moved on.  I'm learning to appreciate being needed and being his mama no matter how tough it gets.  There will be a day that I will miss this stage.  So I am embracing the mess, the chaos, the endless to-do list, and trying to savor it all up.  It is an adjustment.  I so badly want to do everything just right, and I have to let go of that too... being the "perfect" mom.  I have to give myself a lot of grace and just know that I am enough.  My biggest goal is for Pierce to know how much we love him and show him God's love through us.  If I can do that then it is a successful day in my book.  

Words - 
Pierce is talking a little!  It is crazy to me that he can understand what I am saying.  He hasn't even been on this Earth for a year and is already walking, talking, and comprehending language.  That is just crazy to me!  He loves to say mama and mum/mom when he wants something.  Somehow my name always comes out with a pitiful whine and I'm pretty sure he has figured out that if he says it then he will melt my mama heart and get his way.  I'm such a softy.  He loves to go to the faucet and say, "hot!" He is getting better at saying the "h" sound, but most the time it sounds like "ot".  He has also started saying "da, da, da, da" and will even say, "daddy."  He loves to wave and can now say "hi" when he does it.  He says "oh" and "uh oh" and we are working on "ball."  


Pierce has been eating a lot more through the day as far as solids go.  He eats both pureed homemade baby food and bites of food off of our plate.  He would rather have bites of food than the puree.  I'm making all his baby food, but it is getting harder since Pierce is very mobile now.  He needs constant supervision, which leaves little time to do anything productive like making baby food.  I would love to do baby-led weaning with him, but I cannot get him to feed himself.  I have worked and worked with him, but he continually throws the food into the floor rather than putting it where it belongs in his mouth.   He hasn't been a picky eater so far, which I'm thankful for.  As far as breastfeeding goes, it has been going well.  We still haven't used any formula and I would really like to make it until he is a year old to transition to cows milk, although, I will nurse him as long as he requests even after he is a year.  He does love to drink out of his sippy cup and has mastered drinking out of all kinds of them now, including the ones with a straw.  He loves to drink water and still spits it out everywhere, which he thinks is hilarious!  


Sleep has been rough this month.  Pierce got his first ear infection that required antibiotics.  He wanted to comfort nurse all night.  I think we are finally getting back on track now and he is sticking to his same schedule.  He nurses in the morning and usually gets up at 7, has breakfast, nurses and naps at 10, has lunch, nurses and naps around 2 or 3, has dinner, and nurses at bedtime.  He is usually asleep by 8 and sometimes as early as 7.  He gets a bath and lotion every night.  We still use the sound machine for naps and bedtime.  The rock-n-play is still in use although his feet are starting to hang off the bottom of it.  I usually only use it for one nap.  I dread the day I have to put it up.  I'm clinging on to every bit of baby I still can.  He is loving his aquarium soother in his crib still.  He has learned how to turn it on and off and will just lie and play.  He is such a good baby!  I really can't complain.  He is taking one, two hour nap and one, one hour nap.  He needs lots of sleep and really only sleeps at home, but all in all is an easy, sweet baby.

 Favorites and Dislikes:

He has gotten super attached to his blue blanket and wants to carry it everywhere.  I love that I can hand it to him and he just relaxes or buries his face in it.  He loves it so much to the point that he has done away with all other lovies and blankies. He has also gotten less attached to his pacifiers, which is a good thing I think.  A new thing that he loves to do is to read books.  He will cry when we stop reading to him.  His favorite book is "Dog Wants to Play."  It was a free book that came in the mail as part of the Dolly Parton's Imagination Library Book Club.  What is sweet is that it came around the time that my Mamaw passed away and the author's name is the same as my mamaw's: Christine.  What are the odds that it would end up being his favorite.  His other favorites are learning how things work and holding onto things.  He likes to open doors, turn things on, and hold on to the back seat in the car and pretend he is driving.  He is still loving Mickey Mouse, bath time, clapping, his light up toys, and balls.  He gotten hooked on nursery rhymes on you tube, especially, the wheels on the bus.  I would say his most favorite thing to do is walking.  He will walk in circles all day if I will let him.  His dislikes are having his hands held while walking, being left with people he doesn't know, being put in his carseat, being put in his high chair, and really just sitting still.  

Mommy's 10 Month Letter to Pierce:

Sweet boy, you are growing up on me.  You have become so independent and know what you want when you want it.  I try to hold on to you and you are already pushing me away.  I'm so proud of you, of your confidence and accomplishments, but I'm also treasuring being needed.  I hate to see you fall down and many times you pick yourself up and continue on.  However, there are times when you need a hug from me and those are the times that I cherish.  And then there are times where you just walk over and open your sweet little mouth and give me a wet kiss.  This stage is so fun because I'm getting to see you try everything for the first time.  I get to experience you being a toddler and independent, but I also get to have the baby side of you too.  I love rocking you to sleep and nursing you.  I cover you in kisses and hugs constantly.  Your daddy is having fun rough-housing with you and getting to have fun with his little boy.  You have learned to throw and kick the ball then run after it, so that is a fun game that you two can play for hours.  I love my boys!  I feel so blessed to have you both in my life.  You are always on the move now and have started losing your baby fat.  It makes my heart break a little knowing how fast it is going by, but I also look forward to the future.  Every day is an adventure with you.  Being your mama is the absolute best!  I love you so, so much!  



I'm ten months already! 

Are you serious?

Wow! Ten Months! Just letting that soak in...

Okay I'm excited!

My bear is getting a lot smaller or I'm getting so much bigger!

You want me to be still?!

No way!

I'm getting out of here!

See ya!

Mom, you're kinda in my way...

Friday, October 16, 2015

Pierce at 9 Months

So I have been putting off writing.  Partly, because I had lost Pierce's measurements from his last doctor's appointments and due to life just been busy.  Pierce got sick, I started a new job, and Russ is back in school.  We have a full, busy life and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Pierce's 9 month appointment turned into a sick visit!  We had started back to church and started him in The Little Gym, so I figured it would happen soon.  He got cold symptoms like congestion and sneezing Monday morning and then by that evening he started running a fever.  His fever got high through the night and by Tuesday, I was very thankful we had a doctor's appointment scheduled.  I figured it was viral but wanted to be sure.  The doctor's appointment started out great.  He was happy as could be, but then they had to get a strep and flu test.  That caused him to get really upset, which caused Stephanie (pediatrician) to want to get blood just to be safe.  I dreaded it, but knew this was one of those times as a parent where I would need to do what was best for Pierce rather than what he wanted.  I know I will have to do that a lot as he grows, but it doesn't make it any less difficult.  I was at the appointment by myself and by the time we were done I was covered in sweat, snot, and tears.  Poor baby.  Luckily everything came back negative and Stephanie even called and checked on him that evening.  We ended up giving him children's Zyrtec (per doctor's orders) for a week to help with his bad congestion so he could sleep at night.  I also got a Young Living Essential Oil diffuser and that seemed to help him as well.  

Pierce's 9 month measurements:
Head: 47 in
Weight: 23 lbs 2oz 85%
Height:  28 1/2 in 70%

Stephanie was impressed with how well Pierce is doing.  She was especially proud that he could drink out of a sippy cup on his own.  My little baby is now a big boy.  It is bitter sweet.


Well, when Pierce turned 9 months, he took off.  He started taking steps that day and can now walk around the house without assistance.  He still may fall any second though, so we stay close by.  He has also learned to do an army crawl on the floor.  It basically consists of lunging forward on his belly and grunting. haha.  He would much rather walk and I can't say I blame him.  He still can't feed himself, but loves to drink out of his sippy.  He loves to spit the water out and make a big, wet mess.  He is still saying mama and uh oh.  He can wave, kiss, and loves to clap about everything.  


Breastfeeding is still going well.  I haven't needed to use formula so far and he mostly nurses, rather than taking a bottle.  It is about the only time I get to cuddle him, since he is such an active little boy now.  He is eating everything (well except eggs and peanut butter, of course).  Sweet potatoes are the best, but he really isn't that much of a picky eater.  He has started preferring bites to puree even though there still aren't any teeth to help chew it up with.  


Sleep is still going great.  He is definitely on a schedule of sleeping from 7 pm to 7 am and then napping at 10 and 2.  He takes an hour to 2 hour nap.  He is doing better at letting me rock him to sleep.  I know that may be a bad habit to start, but I've never really gotten to just hold him while he sleeps, and there is just nothing like him going to sleep in my arms.  When I can tell that rocking is not an option then I just lie him down in his crib and turn on his little aquarium soother.  He usually will drift on to sleep after that.  We also like to lay in bed and fall asleep watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  He absolutely loves that show and Mickey Mouse!  Sometimes he will sleep with us at night, but we usually end up regretting it with baby kicks to the back and wanting to nurse constantly.  He seems to sleep better in his crib and so do we.  :)

Favorites and Dislikes

Favs - blue crochet blanket, NUK pacis, dog blanket lovey, activity table, v-tech sit to stand walker, train toy, balls, bath toys and bath time, nursing, sleeping in his rock-n-play, eating, going outside, clapping, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 
Dislikes - some strangers (especially ones with beards), the church nursery, having his face cleaned, falling when trying to walk

Mommy's 9 Month Letter to Pierce:

Another month has come and gone, and my love for you has grown deeper and stronger.  Mommy and Daddy thank God for you everyday because you are the light of our lives.  I can't even remember what we did before you were here.  I love spending time with you and seeing you smile.  I love how you tense up and shake all over when you get excited about something.  You have started giving me all kinds of slobbery kisses lately and it melts me.  You are growing into such a handsome little boy.  I just sit and stare in awe of how perfect you are.  As a little girl, I imagined what my little baby would look like someday.  You are everything I ever dreamed of and more.  You even have blonde hair now that I always secretly hoped you'd get.  Your eyes are dark brown, but sometimes can look green too.  You have your daddy's long eyelashes and your cheeks are so chubby and perfect for kissing on.  You are headstrong but so sweet too.  You are such a miracle and I never knew how wonderful being your mommy could be.  I want you to know how wanted and loved you are and how much God loves you.  Thank you for being you and filling my life with so much joy.  



See ya!