Monday, July 6, 2015

Pierce at 7 Months

7 Months, Y'all!  7 Months!! How did we get here?  This has been such a fun, fast, exhilarating, and exhausting ride!  Russ and I are quite obsessed with our son.  Obsessed might even be an understatement.  Our love continues to grow with our little chunk.  He melts me a million times a day.  And this past month he has gotten wild!  He is ready to get up and move and gets frustrated at times when he can't do so.  I can't believe he has already started stiffening up and arching his back when he isn't happy or wants to move on to something else.  He loves the sound of his voice and has started squealing all the time.  Between the squealing and stranger anxiety that has started, church has become a no-go these days.  A baby changes everything!  This month has been all personality.  The grins, laughs, and talking are adorable.  He knows if he says, "ma ma," then he gets his way every time.  I feel like this month Pierce went from baby to toddler overnight.  He is going to keep me on my toes from now on.  He wears me out, but I am soaking it up!  We even had to switch him to a bigger car seat this month.  I can't believe how fast he went through all the baby stuff.  We put his baby tub, swing, and tons of clothes in the attic.  Oh my heart!  I hope to see all of it in the future again someday, but knowing how fast he is growing is a hard pill to swallow at times.  


Like I said, Pierce has turned into a toddler this month.  He loves to play, especially with rattles and toys that light up.  Trying to keep him entertained has become difficult.  It seems he gets bored after just a few minutes and is ready to move on to the next thing - his daddy made over I tell ya.  I would love to be able to leave him in the floor playing, but he has started throwing himself backwards.  I will put my breastfeeding pillow around him and I walk away only to find him upside down staring up at me 2 seconds later.  He can't sit back up, so then he gets frustrated.  He has started playing in his pack-n-play this month, which he does really well with.  It has allowed me to get things done around the house.  He still loves his jumper and will play in it a long time in the morning allowing me to rest a little longer on the couch.  His playmat is still getting use, but I see him growing out of it very soon.  He still is rolling from his back to his stomach, but can't remember how to roll back on his back.  He pushes his arms and legs while on his stomach, but no crawling so far.   His recent new trick is pulling up.  I put my hands out in front of him and he grabs on and stands.  He also has learned how to hold on to things and stand.  He hasn't mastered it well enough to where I can leave him, but he is making such progress!  


Eating has come such a long way this month!  He gets breakfast and dinner now in addition to breastfeeding every three and a half hours.  I've been making his food and have loved it!  I haven't been strict on sticking with the same colors while introducing them, but they have pretty much been the same color.  So far there aren't many foods he doesn't like.  He is not a fan of avocados or carrots.  Everything else he gobbles down.  Every morning he gets a fruit with whole grain organic oatmeal or rice cereal.  Sometimes I mix it with breastmilk if I need to make it thinner.  Fruits he has tried so far:  apples, bananas, white pears, mango and avocado.  At five every evening he gets one vegetable and sometimes a fruit too.  Vegetables he has tried: sweet potato, butternut squash, white potato, and carrots.  I mix all of his vegetables with breast milk before freezing them to sweeten and thin them to his liking. 


One thing I have learned is that my baby definitely needs his sleep!  He likes a schedule and gets really fussy if it is nap time.  He is still doing great sleeping!  He goes to bed around seven every evening.  He usually gets up at 5 to nurse, but sometimes will sleep to 6:30.  If he nurses at 5 then he sleeps with us until 6:30.  He takes a nap around 9.  If his morning nap is an hour then he will nap at 12 for two hours, but if he naps for 2 hours in the morning then he can wait until 1.  He usually takes one 2 hour nap and one 1 hour nap.  Sometimes he will take an additional evening nap.  If he won't nap in the evening and has been up a long time then he usually goes to bed around 6:30.  He just can't make it any longer.  Right now this schedule works for us.  Russ is able to watch Pierce while he gets ready for work and spend some extra time with him allowing me to sleep.  I get up when Russ leaves for work and feed Pierce his breakfast and change him into his clothes.  Then I am able to go back to bed with Pierce for his morning nap.  I do this because my job is causing me to not go to bed until 1 am sometimes.  I have been having issues with insomnia  and even on days I am off I can't go to bed early, so I have just gotten used to taking a morning nap with Pierce.  Sometimes he goes to sleep as early as 8 am and then will sleep for 2 hours, which is nice.  Pierce will still only nap at our house or in his car seat.  Sometimes if we are in public I can nurse him to sleep if he is extra sleepy, but those times are rare and few in between.  We still use the sound machine and he gets a bath before bed every night.  We use soap every other night, so his skin won't dry out and apply lots of lavender lotion.  He smells delish!

Favorites and Dislikes

Favs - Dog lovey blanket, Orthodontic pacifiers like Nuk and Dr. Brown, rattles, light-up toys of any kind, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (his new obsession), bath time, practicing walking, mommy and daddy, daddy playing "baby jet-pack"
Dislikes - other people to hold him, being left in a strange place, getting put in his carseat, being sleepy

Mommy's 7 Month Letter to Pierce:

My baby, when I look at you I can see my future flash before me.  Your hair is coming in and you continue to look more like a little boy everyday.  You just keep getting more and more handsome. But those baby thighs have rolls for days and you still have cheeks galore.  You love for me to blow on your belly and play like I'm gonna get you, which results in endless tickling.  Hearing you say "mama" makes me feel so special and I love how you say "uh-oh" when you drop something.  It just doesn't feel like you should be doing all these things so soon, but it is so much fun that I don't want it to stop.  I still love nursing you.  You pull on my hair and throw your arm back and forth when you get sleepy.  You have also started hugging your daddy and me, which of course, melts me.  You have to know you have me wrapped around your chubby little fingers.  And your daddy too!  He loves you like crazy.  You also love for me to put your upside down or any game where you are jumping or falling.  You are such a wild child as we call you.  I have a feeling when you start moving that you are never going to stop.  I can barely keep up with you now... I can't imagine how it will be here soon when you start crawling or walking.  I'm not sure which you will do first.  Being a mom is truly the best job ever.  I am so fulfilled.  I love loving you!  Thank you for being you!  I will cherish you always.



Sunday, July 5, 2015

Pierce's First Trip to the Zoo

A few weeks ago we took Pierce to the zoo.  We had purposefully waited to go to the zoo until we had a little one to take with us.  It was spontaneous and so special.  I can't wait to take Pierce back.  We had so much fun!  


Baby carrier turned teether

Giraffes are my fav, don't ya know?

Pierce stop staring at strangers!

Pierce you are blocking the view of the baby gorilla, but its okay cause you're so cute!

I nursed him and he fell asleep with the nursing cover in hand.  Precious boy!
We had such a fun time at the zoo!