Monday, July 28, 2014

20 Week Bumpdate

How far along? 20 weeks and 1 day
Appointments:  5
Ultrasounds:  3 
Maternity Clothes:  I bought a couple of more things with my "Bump Bucks" at Motherhood Maternity.  I can still wear some non-maternity outfits like the one in this picture, but am starting to wear more maternity-specific clothes than not. 
Stretch Marks?  Nope
Sleep:  Still having crazy dreams!  Last night was rough!  One recurring dream I keep having is missing babies' feedings at work.  What an awful dream to make a baby go hungry.  I hate work dreams!
Miss anything?  Not going to the restroom every two seconds.
Movement:  Yes!  I thought I had felt movement, but was positive a week ago.  I let Russ feel and he could feel little baby kicks.  It was such a special moment between the two of us.  What a crazy feeling!
Food cravings:  Bananas, boiled eggs, breakfast foods, and Panera Bread's cheddar broccoli soup and sierra turkey sandwich. 
Symptoms: Nausea everyday at thee o'clock and getting worse as the evening progresses. Heartburn has hit this week and it is intense.  Does that mean the baby will have lots of hair? ;)
What makes you queasy?  Perfumes, coconut fragrance, certain meats.
Is there a baby bump?  I feel like I'm definitely showing now.
Labor signs:  Nope
Belly button:  Innie
Wedding rings on or off?  On
Happy or Moody:  Both
Looking forward to:  Telling the gender and buying nursery furniture.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fun-Filled Weekend

This past weekend was pretty eventful!  Friday, I went to my appointment to check on the baby.  I am so happy I was able to get an ultrasound done at work at 15 weeks, because this ultrasound just wasn't as impressive (although, it is always a treat to see the baby no matter).  The tech was all about checking every little detail, which I was thankful for being a NICU nurse.  She was all business and would hurriedly move from one part to another.  I guess I got spoiled with the ultrasound machine at my hospital because this one wasn't near as good.  I knew what I was looking at, but it was much blurrier.  Maybe I offended her because I told her I had a previous ultrasound done at my work, because she wasn't very personable.  My parents came to this appointment as a surprise since Russ couldn't make it due to a final, and she was on the verge of being rude to my mom.  They were excited to see anything, but I still wish they could have seen it the way I had at 15 weeks.  I was 18 weeks and 6 days at this appointment.  She couldn't examine the heart very thoroughly or the mouth, so she wanted another ultrasound done in four weeks.  That made me happy because I was really sad I couldn't reschedule my appointment at a time Russ could go.  Now, he can go with me in four weeks!  I am thankful that everything checked out okay and that the gender I was told at my work was confirmed by this ultrasound tech too.  We are waiting to tell just a little longer.  It is fun keeping the secret, but really hard in other ways too.  

After the ultrasound my parents went and had brunch then headed over to Babies R Us.  I didn't expect my dad to be as excited as he was.  He was checking out all the baby items and seemed so giddy.  (It might've been that he had called out of work that morning. hehe)  Either way I was happy to spend time with them.  

That evening I had a date with my love to see Josh Turner.  Truth be told, I don't usually listen to country.  I like bluegrass and some old country, but Josh Turner is about the only current country music singer I listen to.  He was performing at the Tennessee Theatre, which is just gorgeous!  We had pretty good seats and although I wasn't feeing the best, we had a wonderful time.  

Sadly this is the only picture I took that evening.  I did take a couple of videos, but wish I had taken a picture of Russ and me.  Bad blogger!

Sunday, we got up early and went to church.  Our Small Group was, well, small.  There were only about 8 people in the class that morning, but I still really enjoyed the lesson.  The church service after really spoke to me.  I made two pages of notes on the sermon.  I am so thankful for our church and feel I have grown so much as a Christian since moving to Knoxville.

After church, we headed to get some Brunch at Honey Tupelo in Market Square.  It is probably one of my favorite restaurants in Knoxville.  It reminds me of Charleston, SC. Oh how I love me some Charleston!  Almost as much as Disney... well I wouldn't go that far!  But it does hold a lot of special memories for Russ and myself.  Anyways, if you've never been to Honey Tupelo, they bring you huge biscuits with blackberry jelly and honey. Holy yum!!

We shared a lump crab meat scramble and it hit the spot!

After brunch, we went into one of my favorite stores in Market Square and I held myself back from buying anymore baby stuff this month... But I'm sure I will be back!  We headed home and started working on some chores.  The biggest one was to give Bella a bath!

She loves bath time!
That evening we dressed up and headed at for another concert!  This was one was special because Russ' boss invited us to sit in his box.  I was really excited when Russ asked me because I love Alison Krauss.  I even played one of her songs at our wedding.  She was playing with Union Station and then Willie Nelson sang after her.  

I love this lacy top!

The concert was held in the basketball arena at UT. We had a nice parking spot ;)
Our view.  The only issue is that it echoed up high and it was sometimes hard to understand.
Not a great picture, but all I have of Union Station and Alison Krauss.  I have video, but it has echoing in it.
Willie Nelson. 84 years old and still rockin!
This weekend was really fun!  It topped off a wonderful week of seeing my best friend, Ashley, although we didn't take any pics.  I'm so thankful for the wonderful people in my life!



Tuesday, July 22, 2014

19 Week Bumpdate

How far along? 19 weeks and 1 day
Appointments:  5
Ultrasounds:  3 (2 at my OBGYN and 1 at my work - the perks of working at a Children's Hospital).
Maternity Clothes:  I just went to Motherhood Maternity for the first time this past week.  I bought my first pair of maternity jeans and two dressier maternity tops. Up to this point I had been using the belly band, skirts, and bottoms with an elastic waist. I also visited the scrub store to buy some scrub pants that would grow with me during my pregnancy and a couple of loose tops.
Stretch Marks?  No significant ones so far.  The coconut lotion I was using was making me too nauseus due to the scent.  I  guess my body associates that smell with my early pregnancy when I was sick as a dog.  However, I have started using some Bath & Body Works Stress Relief Lotion.  It has a Eucalyptus / Spearmint smell that my nose really likes... although it kind of reminds me more of a man's scented lotion. Hey, whatever works at this point!
Sleep:  I am so thankful for my Snoogle! That pillow has been a tremendous help.  Sleep is pretty good, since I am taking a tiny amount of Phenergan every night.  The only downside is getting up to pee in the middle of the night feeling so groggy and having to cross over the Snoogle Pillow and the cat.  I'm sure it is hilarious to watch!  I also have had crazy dreams since getting pregnant!
Miss anything?  Having energy and being nausea-free.
Movement:  Possibly! ;)
Food cravings:  The cravings I have had this pregnancy have been crazy!  There was a good three week span where all I wanted was hash browns or tater-tots, and lots of Hardees food.  Real healthy right? We joked that Baby Swafford was going to be just like Russ' dad because he eats that food all the time.  This past week I wanted anything with tomato sauce.  We ended up eating spaghetti and lasagna a lot. I also have been craving fruit.
Symptoms: I am still pretty nauseous.  Every time I think it is getting better, it backfires. Usually if I take a quarter to a half of a Phenergan every night then the nausea doesn't hit until 3-6 o'clock in the evening.  I try to make it until 8 and then give in to the Phenergan.  No throwing-up; just intense nausea like feeling carsick.  I have days still that I feel I can't get out of the bed or off the couch.  
What makes you queasy?  I'm still sensitive to smells.  Perfumes and coconut scents are the worst.  I still can't eat a ton of meat, and have yet to have a steak during this pregnancy.  Let's add steak to another thing I miss, haha.  I hope I want to eat meat by the time Russ' birthday gets here in September because he really wants to go to Brazerios, which is basically all you can eat meat I hear. 
Is there a baby bump?  Finally I have a bump.  Everyone at my work doesn't think so, but scrubs are very deceiving.  Even when I show them the tight-fitting tank top underneath my scrub top, they laugh and can't believe I'm so far along.  I'm not complaining, though!  
Labor signs:  Nope
Belly button:  I've not noticed a change yet.
Wedding rings on or off?  On
Happy or Moody:  Moody compared to my usual self.  I feel I'm pretty nice, but just feel very impatient and annoyed more easily. 
Looking forward to:  Telling family the gender!

So, I hate that I am just now starting my bump update on my blog.  I really wanted to document my pregnancy from the beginning, but had no idea how sick I would feel.  I thought I would feel great during my pregnancy and love it, but unfortunately my body and pregnancy just don't seem to go together.  I bought my picture frame with my mom shortly after finding out I was pregnant to do my updates.  Then I went to Lowes after measuring the frame and had a piece of board cut to the size we thought would fit in the frame.  However, it didn't fit.  We finally got around to remeasuring the size and took the board back to Lowes to get recut.  Then Russ spray painted the board with chalkboard paint.  But, you guessed it, it still didn't fit.  Then I decided to take the back of the picture frame and spray paint it with chalkboard paint.  When I finally went to put it in the frame I noticed there were bubbles and splinters, so I couldn't use it.  I was desperate and realized one side of the back of the frame was already black.  So, I just drew on that even though it wasn't chalkboard.  It made it very hard to write on, but I was just thankful to finally get it done.  Hopefully, I can spray paint it or do something soon, so it will show up better.  

I just had my big appointment this past Friday.  They scheduled me a little early, but it looked like everything was great with Baby Swafford.  The ultrasound tech wanted to do a more thorough ultrasound in four weeks.  This was such a huge relief to this NICU nurse.  Things like arm bones might not seem a big deal to most people and they just assume all the bones will be in their proper place, but every little normal detail was a great blessing to me.  I am so, so incredibly thankful to God for our baby.  This baby is so loved and adored already.  No matter what, Baby Swafford is perfect to me.