Friday, April 18, 2014


Good Friday everyone!

What a mix of emotions this time of year brings.  When I was little, I associated Easter with getting an Easter basket from the Easter Bunny and getting to wear my new pretty dress to church.  However, now I realize the true meaning of this holiday.  How underserving am I to know what my Savior went through for me? I am so unworthy of His love.  Most people would be telling every person they met how a man they had never met on this Earth went through a brutal death to save their life, however, we never hear that story.  Not only did someone die for me and you, but it was the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  How thankful I am that God saved my soul and I have peace knowing that I have a forever relationship with my eternal Father and get to spend forever with Him.  The peace and joy that comes with this life-changing experience is hard to explain until you truly witness it for yourself.  You realize that someone cares for you and is with you no matter what happens on this Earth.  Times will change, people you depend on the most will betray you, tragedy will strike, but God is a constant that you can always depend on.  He performs miracles and answers prayers.  With God there is nothing to be afraid of.  People might persecute you for your beliefs or try to hurt you, but God has already won the battle.  Heaven is so much better than anything this Earth can offer and I am so thankful I know that when I take my last breath, I will forever be happy and in peace in a place where there's no sorrow or pain.  "You can have all this world, but give me Jesus."  Christianity is so much more than just being saved and going to Heaven.  It can change your life if you'll just spend some time getting to know Him and allowing him in to your everyday life.  None of us  deserved to have Jesus go through torment and pain, and it hurts knowing our sins is what put Him on the cross, but I am so thankful that He didn't give up on me.  Through His sacrifice, grace, and mercy, I am now saved.  I pray that you have found this relationship, but if you would like to know more about it, I would be happy to share.

Happy Easter and God bless!


Friday, April 4, 2014


This week has been rough!  I ended up getting the stomach virus at two in the morning on April Fool's Day.  I wish this had been a joke, but it was no laughing matter let me tell ya!  I ended up having to call out of work this week and got behind in school.  However, this week was nothing compared to the one that my coworker and friend, Tiffany, went through.  She got the diagnosis no parent dreams of ever hearing: "Your son has Leukemia."  I cannot imagine the feelings that she experienced when hearing this diagnosis.  My heart aches for her, and I was in shock when I heard the news. 

Tiffany was so sweet to me at work.  She started working as a PCA shortly after I started working as a nurse in the NICU.  I was on night shift and felt very lonely being in a new job and new town.  She would always talk to me and make a point to be my friend.  I truly hated that I wasn't going to get to see her as much when I got on day shift.  I had noticed on Facebook a few weeks ago that her son had a lymph node removed from his neck.  Her son is only five years old and it reminded me of when I had to have that same exact surgery done when I was nine.  I had no idea at that time that they were testing the lymph node to see if I had cancer.  Fortunately, after much examination they decided that it was benign.  Jaxon's lymph node came back benign as well.  However, a few days later they took him to the ER in the same hospital that we work at and found out that he had cancer. 

This family is so sweet and giving.  I remember Tiffany talking about her and her husband leading children's groups on Wednesday nights at her church even when she was working that night or had worked the night before.  I remember thinking what a selfless act that was.  I know God will give this family peace and as I said in the last post, I know God listens to our prayers.  Not only does he listen, but our prayers can heal Jaxon.  Who knows if my lymph node might have been cancerous and because of the prayers of my family and church family, God healed me.  God performs miracles everyday and I ask that you would pray for this family as they go through this tough time.  Also, pray for his sister Zoe, who is only two years old. 

Numbers 6:25-26 the LORD make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.

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