Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Recent Happening

It has been a long time since I have gotten to post on my little blog.  I could blame it on school, work, etc... but really it is just poor time management, which is what I am trying to work on.  I do feel like Russ and I have come a long way since my last post.  Sometimes you just need a break to focus on what is important.  And even though I love my blog and continue to plan on making it more of a priority, other things were just more important.  I feel much less stressed and overwhelmed now.  The break was much needed, but I am back now and ready to continue blogging about our life. 

So, Russ has started back to law school.  For this semester only he is going to law school with the normal law student load.  This required him to drop hours at work (plus it is required in TN that you can only work so many hours during the first year of the law program).  He will take less school hours in the Summer and go back to working full-time at The University once this semester is over.  We hope he can get done by December 2015 if going year-round...  I am amazed by my husband.  He is very type A and reminds me of the energizer bunny.  Yesterday he dropped me off at work at 6:35 then headed on to his work (we work very close to one another).  He came back and picked me up that night at 7:10 after working and going to school all day.  Most people would be exhausted, but Russ just kept trucking along.  After getting home, he walked the dog, worked on homework, and got everything ready for tomorrow.  I try to support him as much as possible because I know he is making this sacrifice for our family.  I know he is stressed, but he still gives me his all.  God has blessed me with a wonderful man, and I try to not ever take that for granted. 

I am still earning my bachelor's degree online.  This semester has been much better.  It is mostly discussions and papers.  I get extreme test anxiety, so I have loved not having to worry about studying for a test.  Working in the NICU has been going well.  I feel like I continue to learn something new each day.  It has also been tough, though.  After working for two years in the NICU, I finally experienced my first code situation where a baby didn't make it.  It was very unexpected and the parents had already experienced extreme loss.  It truly broke my heart.  What gets me through, though, is I know my God has a plan and that each life in the NICU has a purpose if only for a short time.  I always thought my dream job would have to be something amazing like being on television, in a Broadway show, or if I was honest with myself I would probably say some big job at Disney World... but my job as a nurse in the NICU has been an incredible experience.  Even if I don't stay in the NICU forever, I will always treasure my time spent there.  I am amazed to look back and see how getting the job at the NICU was all apart of God's perfect plan.  I had never been interested about working in a NICU in the nursing program or when looking for a job.  However, God had a plan and I am so thankful that I have gotten the chance to care for God's most special miracles. 

Besides work and school, Russ and I have found a home church after living two years in Knoxville.  I am not sure why it took us so long to get involved here, but do feel like it was perfect timing.  Sevier Heights Baptist Church is wonderful!  Coming from a tiny little Baptist church in the mountains, it is a huge change.  I resisted that change for a long time even knowing God was calling me to Sevier Heights.  Every excuse I made, God challenged.  I said, "Russ I don't like that we all have to hold hands at the end of the service." The next Sunday, they didn't do that part at the end of the service and haven't since.  That shouldn't have even mattered, but it was an excuse that God quickly took away.  After going there for some time,  we were really wanting to get involved in a group or Sunday School class.  I said, "God, I don't know anyone at this big church.  Please help us find a way to get involved in a Sunday School class." The next Sunday they announced they were having a "group link" at the church where they would help you get involved in a group.  Russ and I found two groups that we love.  It feels so good to have a church and the support that comes from the people in that church.  We are coming closer to God and that brings us closer to each other. 

Here are some other things we have been getting into recently:

We went on a spontaneous trip to Walt Disney World with my family (I hope to do a separate post about this soon):

We have enjoyed many snow days together:
Our Olaf

I have been trying out a lot of new recipes that Russ has loved:
Snow Cream!

Russ loves Frittata!

We've been playing with our furry babies:

We went to watch The Lady Vols play:


We met The Duggars!:


Sorry about the blurry pictures and thanks for stopping by at The Swafford Spot.

God Bless!

Russ and Christy