Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Life with a newborn

Life since Pierce arrived has been a whirlwind!  Recovery was awful, it has been crazy busy especially with it being around the holidays, we are sleep deprived, but we are the HAPPIEST we have ever been.  Oh, how I love this stage of my life.  In the past it has always taken time for me to adjust to something new.  It would feel like I was watching a movie of someone else's life instead of it feeling like my own... Am I really in college and going to school to be a nurse? And then, how can we buy a house and have careers?! We should still be 16 playing xbox!... It just took me a long time and then when I got adjusted it was time to move on to the next big change in life.  However, this time when I became a mommy it clicked instantly!  It was love at first sight!  On the Grinch Stole Christmas, it talks about his heart growing three sizes that day... People, mine grew ten!  My heart literally hurts I love him so much.  And then fear set in.  What have we done?!! Now we have this little human being that we are head over heels about and responsible for.  What if something happens to him?  I'm going to worry myself silly for, well forever!...  I have never felt more in the moment and where I am supposed to be than right now.  I love being Russ' wife and Pierce's mom.  No longer do I care about a big career, money, vanity, or anything materialistic.  It just puts life into a whole new perspective.  I am so content and thankful.  

It took me forever to get back to my blog and I am still behind in life.  I've not gotten thank you cards done, Its past Christmas and those cards are sitting beside me too, the house is a mess, but I want to remember all these little details.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from the past month.
We are home! 11/29/14

The first time in his crib.

That night in his Christmas jammies, which are tinsy tiny.
Whew being a mommy is the best, most tiring thing ever!
Best Daddy

First doctor's appointment.

Sweet, sweet baby...
Pro Burper
No more pictures, mommy!

I could eat him up!
Napping together.

On his playmate for the first time, but he'd rather just snooze.

This was after his weight check... He had gained a pound in just one week! Woh baby!

Got milk?

We are all pooped!

Santa Baby

1st Bath!
Turns out he loves the water!  He might want to water ski like his daddy!

Squeaky clean!

He passed his hearing test!

1st time Christmas Shopping! 
Looking at Christmas lights isn't that exciting.

Love my baby!

Swinging away

This being a baby stuff is tough work!


Hospital Photo Shoot

I knew from the beginning I wanted to purchase the hospital pictures.  Some of my friends had delivered at the same hospital and their hospital pictures were gorgeous!  I love these pictures of his squishy, newborn self and will treasure them always.  Thank you Bella Baby Photography for capturing these precious moments!

His going home outfit.

Pierce Russell Swafford

Sweet, sweet baby

My favorite!

At first I was a little disappointed that the photographer captured the ear that got squished, but now I love it.  His ear is totally fine now and these pictures help me remember every detail.  It is funny how what others might look like flaws are what I love best about him.  It makes me think that is how our Savior looks at us.  The love I have for Pierce has shown me how much Christ must love me!

Such long feet, but still so wittle!

Oh how I love them!

Kisses for days...

Swafford Party of 3!  We are so blessed!