Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Organizing under the sink, above the stove, medicine, makeup, gift wrapping and much more!

I love to organize and any type of organizing product that will help keep me organized. I love for everything to have its own spot and know just where something is when I need it. So I still had a few areas of our home that needed organized since we moved in over a year ago.

One area was above my stove. Every time I opened the door, down came crashing all the spices and such that I would keep there. It became very frustrating. It was also hard to find what I needed. So, I decided to move my spices to a drawer, where they could be easily visible, and I wouldn't have to worry about them falling out all the time. Even after moving my spices, it was still crammed with Pam, olive oil, vegetable oil, etc. So when I was at the Container Store I bought a little turntable to put everything on. It has made it so, so much easier. I chose one with a non-slip surface that would fit into a small space. Love it!

Next I moved onto under the sink storage. This was another issue. It was crammed full of cleaning supplies, aluminum foil, zip lock baggies, and I could go on and on. I found a really neat drawer system where you can screw it in to your cabinet and the drawer slides out with everything you need in it. I thought this would be perfect for all of my cleaning products. You can also stack smaller baskets on top and I decided I would put my sponges in that.

I used a basket I already had to put extra dish towels in. My aluminum foil is up front, dish washing detergent is in the middle box, and behind it is my zip lock baggies. I ended up not even screwing in the basket and it worked just as well. It took a second to figure out where to put everything with all the pipes and garbage disposal in my cabinet space, but I worked with it and got it all worked out.

Ever since Russ and I had moved into our new house we were planning on hanging up a medicine cabinet my parents had given me. We had already repainted it to match my cabinets and everything. But it was so heavy that we couldn't get it to hang and we wanted it above the toilet. I was kind of nervous about it falling, so I just decided to forget it and organize our meds under the bathroom sink. (Especially since it had been a year and I had yet to get my medicine cabinet up!)

 I got a little shelf that had different levels to sit all my medicine on. I actually think its supposed to be a spice rack, but it works great for bottles of medication too!

(And yes, I'm letting you snoop through my medicine cabinet... sort of.. LOL)

I'm hoping at our next house I will have more room and maybe even the luxury of a medicine cabinet. We will see. But for now this works just fine!

Before we move on I just want to say if you are offended by people that collect (or more appropriately hoard) makeup then please stop reading now. I am a makeup junkie! Love it, love it, love it! And I'm just now starting to shop at Sephora, the makeup lovers dream! But that's another story in itself. I almost feel like Ariel from The Little Mermaid where she has stored all her treasures in a secret cave... I'm kinda the same way about my makeup. Only the select few know about my drawers of makeup... until now anyways. :)

I HAD to organized my makeup. It was a mess!! I dreamed of having every name brand makeup in its own little spot. I'm getting there. I have a few drawers organized now thanks to my friend, The Container Store. And as far as the name brand goes... well not so much. But I still love it all and best of all... now that its organized I have room for more!

(See! Look at all those spots for lipstick. The Mac store is calling my name!)
So I bought a lipstick organizer and I love it! But after I got it home, I realized that I really don't have that much lipstick. And most of it is the same kind. So it really helps you to see what you have and what you need. It allows you to see what color the lipstick is so you can reach for the right one, without having to search. It is great and best of all it is CHEAP! Here is a link to it! "24-Lipstick Acrylic Organizer" Go buy it right now! Or order it online! If you love makeup this is a must-have!! I also got a clear tray to put my blush in and then there's a little square tray that sits on top of it. I put my two round blushes in it (I don't think that one is visible in this pic). I also have another tray that is holding my lip glosses. It worked really well.

This is the drawer I put my brushes, eyeliners, mascara, and tools in. I bought a tray made specifically for eyeliners and mascara and then a long tray that had two compartments for my brushes and tools (curling wand, pencil sharpener, tweezers, etc.).
This is my drawer for my foundation, powder, concealer. I have been a member of Sheer Cover since 2007! I use it on a daily basis, but over the years I have collected a ton of mineral foundation. I actually just had to put a hold on my account with Sheer Cover until I can get a lot of it used up. So I bought stackable clear trays and I have all my unused on the bottom tray (not visible) and the used ones on top. I love these trays and might even buy more. They are great for these deep drawers to utilize all the space.

Still on my list to do is my eye shadow drawer. It is a mess! But at least I got my others finished!

Last but not least, I had to get the closet organized in the office. I really needed a way to organize my gift wrapping supplies. Since I got married, I never had anywhere for them to go. And if I bought a gift for someone I would have to go to the store first to get supplies to wrap it, since I never could find any I already had. So I decided to put a gift wrapping station in the closet. I wanted a spot for my wrapping paper, tissue paper, bows, labels, and all that goes with gift wrapping. I needed it to not get damaged because that was one of the problems I was having. I would finally find a bag to put the gift in and it would be all bent up.
I love my new gift wrapping station! It is perfect!
I bought a container to hold my wrapping paper in that you can see on the right. Then I already had the plastic drawers and just moved them to the closet. My tissue paper is in the bottom, then my gift bags, then labels and other wrapping supplies in the top big drawer. The three little stackable drawers have my bows in them. I have certain colors in each drawer. (Now they don't get smushed!) Next to them I have a ribbon organizer. But of course I couldn't find any ribbon to go in it. I know its somewhere! At least now when I buy some or find the ones I already have it has a spot to go.

I also used space bags for some pillows and blankets. I have to buy some more and then I'll have even more room on my top shelf. Space bags are great!

So there is a little of the organizing that I have done that has really helped my everyday life.