Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nashville Fun!

Last weekend was so much fun! I try to make the most of my weekends off with Russ. He works a normal 9-5/ Mon-Fri job, however, my schedule is much different. Since I work as a nurse I am required to work weekends. Right now my schedule is Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Thursday. I just recently dropped down to a 60 hour full-time schedule, since I will be starting school full-time soon as well. I love not having a 9-5 job, but it does stink to work every other weekend. This means our two weekends out of the month are jam packed to have fun and get a lot done!

So back to last weekend...

We had a wedding to attend in Nashville. We were so excited to have an excuse to go to Nashville and we were also very excited for my cousin Carol. She never thought she would find "Mr. Right" and get married. God had other plans, though, and in His perfect timing Carol found Jeff. I know how happy they are and that makes everyone happy for them!

I had been needing and wanting to organize my makeup for a long time now. I had recently cleaned it out. Now if you know me, I LOVE me some makeup. And so does my mama! Between her buying me makeup and the makeup I had collected myself it was time to clean it out and get organized (now I have an excuse to buy more makeup! haha).

So I started the task of trying to figure out what to buy to organize my makeup that wasn't too pricey. Then I found myself looking on a site called, "The Container Store"! I loved all they had to offer and realized they had a store in Nashville! Where was I going soon? And so I decided that this was going to be one of our stops on our fun-filled Nashville trip.

The Container Store® - The Original Storage and Organization Store®
I love things that keep you organized, even though I'm not the best at keeping it that way. So I went buck wild at the Container Store! It was like a little piece of Heaven! It was in a huge mall, and was beside a Cheesecake Factory and a Carrabba's. My favorite places! This girl was happy! And my sweet husband just stood aside and let me shop at my heart's content. Love him!
(I think I heard angels singing in the background when I got out of my car and saw this beautiful sight. Love, love, love the container store!!)
So, after my husband finally pulled me out of the container store with what little money we had left in our pockets, we headed over to Margaritaville for lunch.
We love us some Jimmy Buffet! It really puts you in the mood for warm weather and vacationing to tropical places. It had been a long time since we had been to a Margaritaville and were both craving a "Cheeseburger in Paradise". (Well, for my hubby, leave off the cheese... but it was still so good!!) And with it being April, we are ready for a vacation, so this little trip let us pretend and give us a taste of R&R.
"Cheeseburger in Paradise - Heaven on Earth with an Onion Slice!"
 Big Kosher pickle and onion rings was delicious!
After pretending to be on vaca and filling our bellies full, we headed to my cousin, Carol's, wedding.
There is a horse in my rear-view mirror! haha
The wedding was really nice and I was happy to spend time with some of my family. I've miss them so much, since we've moved to Knoxville.  My favorite part of their wedding was the photo booth. What a fun idea!
Russ (hubby), myself, Jared (brother), and Justin (brother).

Program and Carol & Jeff's CD from the wedding.

Congrats Jeff and Carol!
After the wedding Russ and I went back to the mall and shopped 'til we dropped! It was so fun!
Now onto organizing! Yay!