Monday, March 18, 2013

Still Learning to Blog and New Updates

It has been a little bit since my first post. I have A LOT to learn about blogging. And with school coming up soon I would love to get the hang of it as quickly as possible. I just want to use it as a form of scrap booking. So many sites I have looked at are all about how to make money blogging, but I am not interested in that. This blog is more for me than anything and I know it will be so neat to be able to look back someday and see memories that have been forgotten.

Anywho! There have been many new, exciting things that have happened.

First, was getting my new car! EEEK! Russ and I were long overdue to be getting a new car. Both of our cars have tons of miles on them! I had a 2001 Isuzu Trooper. Man I love that SUV. And I would have kept it if there had been somewhere to put it. But our tiny driveway and one car garage just couldn't handle three cars. So lucky for me, Russ' parents bought my "Zu" as I call it and love it just as much as I do! (I'm pretty sentimental and am beyond happy that my "ZuZu" gets to stay in the family). Russ drives a Mustang, and although it is much newer than my Isuzu, it has gotten a lot of miles on it, since he used to drive back and forth for a law firm he used to work at. We had been looking for months for the perfect SUV for me. We wanted something safe, long-lasting, and big enough to fit a possible growing family. We also were hoping to find something with a little better gas mileage than my Trooper got, which wasn't too hard to do since it guzzles the gas! We were looking for a used car and I was kind of thinking about a Ford Escape. We ended up finding a Mercedes GLK. I thought a Mercedes was totally out of our price range. However, we were able to find this SUV for a steal of a deal. I love everything, EVERYTHING about my new car! Never did I think we would be able to buy something so nice, so soon. We are so blessed!

I love how white it is!

It ended up snowing on our way home. Did I mention we had to drive all the way to North Carolina for this?! It was so much fun, though! So happy we bought our first car together!

Another HUGE blessing was I found out I had been accepted to day shift at my job. I thought that I would only be on night shift for 3 months... 6 months max. Instead, it ended up being more like 10-11 months and I have found out that I am not cut out for night shift. There are so many great things about working nights at the NICU. The people are so fun and sweet, the routine is usually laid back, the pay is way better, I rarely worked weekends, and I had even had the opportunity to go part-time since Russ had gotten his new job. However, my body was suffering. I had migraines, constant stomach problems, anxiety, depression, etc, etc! I felt awful! On my days off I was sleeping all the time and I was always awake at night. I kept poor Russ up and he wasn't getting any sleep either. It was really becoming hard on us as a couple. As soon as I switched over to day shift, I felt instantly better. It amazed me, actually! My self-esteem, health, personality... I just felt so much better all over. I was pretty nervous to work with a whole different group and have to learn how to do new things, but so far, so good. Night-shift workers have my total respect now. I am so amazed at how much they sacrifice to take care of others when everyone else is asleep. I will always miss my night shift crew and all the laughs they brought me.

Speaking of my job... I got caught on camera this past week. I was working on a floor that specializes in caring for infants withdrawing off of drugs. This is a really sad problem we are having in East Tennessee. Many news stations are covering this issue, since we have become one of the leading hospitals caring for infants with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome. I saw the camera crew on the floor, but thought I had stayed out of their sight. A few days later I found out that everyone had seen me on the news. So, I went back and watched it and there I was chomping my gum, feeding a baby, and talking to a family member. Oh well! Here is the link if you'd like to see.

I also decided to switch schools for my bachelors degree. I have really had a hard time trying to obtain my bachelors degree online through a program called Western Governor's University. This is a new way of school where you pay by the term, not by the class. I had been told it would take me a year to finish school. I started in Nov. 2011 and was still going! I almost dropped out the second semester, because of the course work, but was urged by my mentor to stay in . I really wish now I had gone with my gut and dropped, but guess you can say I don't give up easily and really gave it my all. I was having to take non-nursing classes that were really hard like Biochemistry. I thought I was almost done. I only had three classes left and then looked at the work that needed to be done. 90 hours of observation and interviews for one class!! I had to find the people to interview myself and they didn't count any time of driving or planning. I am new to this area and working full-time. I just knew that I wasn't supposed to stay in this program any longer. It was a very difficult decision, but with Russ working at The University of Tennessee I knew I could get an amazing education for an amazing price. I never would have thought I would be going to the University of Tennessee. I don't know why... but I just would have never imagined it. And sure enough I was accepted to their RN-BSN online program. I am so thrilled! Their curriculum is filled with real nursing classes and I know it will be really interesting... not that it'll be easy by any means. It will take me a year to complete this program and I have to go full-time. I am so looking forward to doing it and being done with school! ( at least for now... ya never know what the future has in store).

Russ and I are so excited about all the new changes coming our way! Everything feels like its coming together and we couldn't be happier!